Getting Started

It's easy to get started with HC Coach if you are interested in becoming a HC Coached athlete you will initially need to fill in this short questionnaire :

HC Coach - Questionnaire

Once the questionnaire has been completed Phil will review it and book you in for a no obligation consolation.

If you decide you want to be enrolled onto one of the packages you will complete a 20 minute functional threshold test (FTT) so your starting point data is recorded. This data is crucial for setting your initial training zones. This data will be measured by heart rate and power*.

A training plan will be tailored to your available training time, your areas for improvement and your specific goals. A training peaks account will be required Phil can set this up for you if required. Training sessions will be scheduled and you will upload your data files for analysis and feedback (frequency Dependant on package selected).

Monthly function threshold testing is required to accurately monitor data and track progress towards your goals. If you require power analysis during these tests the HC Coach power meter is available at an extra cost.

*The initial power data will be recorded using HC Coach's Garmin Vector pedals, you will need to purchase your own power-meter if you require session by session power analysis.