Training Peaks

Training Peaks is a fabulous tool for interaction between coach and athlete, there are three options for HC Coached athletes VENTOUX package athletes receive TP Premium as part of their deal. TOURMALET and GALIBIER package athletes receive TP Basic for free interaction features are limited so there is an option to add TP Premium for an additional £9 per month.

TP Basic features:

  • Web and Mobile Apps for iOS and Android
  • Upload from popular devices and apps
  • View workout and fitness summaries
  • Communicate with your Coach
  • Plan View recent Peak Performances

TP Premium features:
All the Basic features plus

  • Create an Annual Training Plan
  • Plan future workouts
  • Track fitness, fatigue, and form
  • Build and export structured workouts
  • Advanced data analysis
  • Create unlimited workout libraries
  • View all Peak Performances

More information on features here

Training Peaks advantages:

Commit to a Goal
Easily add and prioritize your goals to stay on track leading up to race day. By adding your goal, you're making the commitment to doing your best.

Structure Your Training
Plan your training using weekly hours, Training Stress Score®, or planned race day fitness. Then, create structured workouts that are personalized to you.

Work Out Smarter
Export and complete your structured workouts on your favorite training device or app, then sync your workout automatically to your training calendar.

Track Your Progress
See how your fitness is improving leading up to race day and get rewarded for hitting Peak Performances along the way.